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[b]LK's Wiki Planning Outline[/b]
The purpose of this thread is to discuss and help plan the CNPS Wiki for Science Improvement.

[b]Plans for Organizing a Wiki[/b]
1. Plans to Improve the Scientific Method
2. List Major Fields of Science
3. List Major Science Facts & Flaws for Main CNPS Wiki Topics

[b]1. Plans to Improve the Scientific Method[/b]
The Scientific Method involves:
1.1. making accurate observations of reality;
--- [I just happened to notice that reality even includes things like imagination too.]
1.2. making a hypothesis to attempt to explain observations;
1.3. testing the hypothesis by experiment, using accurate and relevant measurements, using logic and, if needed, math as well, and taking relevant, accurate notes of all procedures involved, to determine if the hypothesis is contradicted;
1.4. revising the hypothesis and the experiment, if contradicted [during testing];
1.5. publishing the experiment;
1.6. getting 2 or more unaffiliated parties to replicate a successful experiment;
1.7. publishing the hypothesis as a probable fact and a scientific discovery, if all experiments are successful; and
1.8. using the discovery to increase control over nature for the purpose of improving the conditions of society.
Common errors that undermine the Scientific Method are:
1.1. making inaccurate observations of reality;
1.2. making an untestable hypothesis;
1.3. misusing logic or math in the experiment;
1.4. recording false or inaccurate data, or taking inaccurate notes;
1.5. suppressing potentially useful experiments;
1.6. failing to replicate an experiment by unaffiliated parties;
1.7. publishing false or misleading statements about experiments or experimenters; and
1.8. misusing scientific findings for the detriment of society.
Human imperfection results in many experiments being done improperly, or reported on inaccurately, or suppressed unfairly. Sociology needs to study these problems and devise means to prevent abuse of science.

[b]2. List Major Fields of Science[/b]
Cosmology, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Catastrophism, Paleontology, Archeology, Mythology, Biology, Neurology, Psychology, Sociology, Parapsychology

[b]3. List Major Science Facts & Flaws
(This is a Suggested Wiki Outline)[/b]
(Give priority to flaws, shown with asterisks.)
3.1- Universe
-Origin: *BigBang +*Creation +Eternal;
-Motion: *Expansion +*SteadyState +*Relativity +Spinning +Indeterminate
-Formation of 3.1-3.7:
*Gravitational Electric +*Magnetic +Radiation
3.2- Uniweb (universal web of strings of galaxy clusters) +GreatVoids
3.3- Galaxy Clusters
3.4- Galaxies
3.5- Galactic Bulge: InterstellarMedium +GalacticHalo
3.6- Star Clusters: StarSystems +GasClouds
3.7- *Black Holes +*Worm Holes +Stars +Ringstars +*NeutronStars
..... +Planets +Moons +Asteroids +Comets +Meteors
3.8- Dust: Matter +Ions +ElectricDischarge +Magnetism +Radiation +*DarkMatter +*DarkEnergy
3.9- Space +Time +Motion +Aether
[b]3.10 Earth Local Science:[/b]
Geology: *Uniformitarianism +Catastrophism +Paleontology +Archeology +*Mythology
3.11- Life - Biology
3.12- Consciousness - Neurology
3.13- Intelligence - Psychology & Philosophy
3.14- Society - Sociology
3.15- ESP - Parapsychology


[b]3. List Major Science Facts & Weak Theories[/b]
(This is a Suggested Wiki Outline)
(Give priority to explaining why Weak Theories are weak)

3.1- Universe:

-Universe Origin: [b](Weak Theory)[/b] Big Bang -Motion: [b](Weak Theory)[/b] Expansion:
__[X]Disproof: High redshift quasars in front of or connected to low redshift galaxies prove that redshift does not equate to distance and the quasars are not receding faster than the galaxies. If the universe is expanding, it is not expanding rapidly. There is no solid evidence of a Big Bang.
Quasar in Front of Galaxy:
Quasars Nearby:
Fingers of God:
__*Best Alternative Theory: High redshift quasars and galaxies likely have bipolar jets and it is ions moving inward in those jets that cause the high redshift, rather than a recessional velocity of the quasars and galaxies.

-Universe Origin: [b](Weak Theory)[/b] Creation:
__[X]: There is no evidence that anything can be created from nothing.

-Universe Origin: (Best Alternative Theory) Eternal:
__*: The universe is eternal, has always existed, but not in the same form.

-Universe Motion: [b](Weak Theory)[/b] Steady State:
Comparing distant galaxies to closer galaxies, it is apparent that the universe has been changing, so it is not in a steady state.

-Universe Motion: [b](Weak Theory)[/b] Relativity:
Time and space do not expand or contract, but their appearance does.

-Universe Motion: (Best Alternative Theory) Spinning:
Gravity may be a centrifugal force in a spinning universe.

-Universe Motion: (Best Alternative Theory) Indeterminate:
There is not enough data to determine if the universe is slowly expanding or contracting, but it is not doing either rapidly.

-Universe Formation: 3.1-3.7: [b](Weak Theory)[/b] Gravitational:
Gravity is not the primary force of structure formation in the universe.

-Universe Formation: (Best Alternative Theory) Electric:
The electric force is the primary force of structure formation.
Astrophysics & Geophysics:

-Universe Formation: (Best Alternative Theory) Radiation:
The electric force is caused by photonic radiation.

3.2- Cosmic Web:
(The cosmic web is the universal web of strings of galaxy clusters)
Great Voids:
List & Map of Voids:

3.3- Galaxy Clusters:
List & Map of Galaxy Clusters:

3.4- Galaxies:
List & Map of Galaxies:

3.5- Galactic Bulge:

Interstellar Medium:

Galactic Halo:

3.6- Star Clusters:

Star Systems:

Gas Clouds:

3.7- [b](Weak Theory)[/b] Black Holes:

[b](Weak Theory)[/b] Worm Holes:

[b](Weak Theory)[/b] Stars:
List & Map of Stars:
List of Element Abundances:

(New Theory) Ringstars (Exotics) & [b](Weak Theory)[/b] Neutron Stars:
List & Map of Ringstars:

Planets, Moons:
List & Map of Planets:
List & Map of Moons:
List of Element Abundances:
List of Mineral Abundances:

Comets, Asteroids, Meteors
List & Map of Comets:
List & Map of Asteroids:
List & Map of Meteor Streams:
List of Element Abundances:
List of Mineral Abundances:

3.8- Dust:
List & Map of GasClouds
List of Element Abundances:

(New Theory) Matter Formation:
List of Elements & Isotopes:




Electric Discharge:



[b](Weak Theory)[/b] Dark Matter:

[b](Weak Theory)[/b] Dark Energy:

3.9- Space:




[b]3.10 Earth[/b]
[b](Weak Theory)[/b] Uniformitarianism:




[b](Weak Theory)[/b] Fantasy Mythology:

3.11- Life - Biology:

3.12- Consciousness - Neurology:

3.13- Intelligence - Psychology:

3.14- Society - Sociology:

3.15- ESP - Parapsychology:
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