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PT Q&A's
« on: August 25, 2017, 10:05:51 am »
_F: Stars & planets form by gravitational accretion of cosmic dust as per the Nebular Hypothesis
_C: Islands formed and mantle convection caused them to slowly form a supercontinent. Mantle convection caused the supercontinent to slowly split apart into continents.
_S: Sedimentary rock strata were deposited in shallow seas on the continents over millions of years.
_O: Mountain ranges formed slowly from continental collisions and magma plumes etc.
_GL: Glaciation was caused by cooling.

FQ: Isn't ESU more evidence-based?
CQ: Isn't continental sliding more reasonable than mantle convection?
SQ: Isn't sedimentation obviously caused by turbulent tsunami flooding due to tidal pull from close planet?
OQ: Collisions, yes, magma plumes, no. Si?
GLQ: Wasn't glaciation due to asteroid impacts?
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