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ST Q&A's
« on: August 25, 2017, 10:05:34 am »
_F: PT Nebular Hypothesis.
_C: Earth shrank significantly over millions of years, due to cooling.
_The lithosphere contains a worldwide network of deformable magma surge channels in which partial magma melt is in motion, due to Earth contraction and rotation.
_The Earth contains several concentric shells, which are explicable only if the Earth differentiated efficiently and at a much higher temperature than today.
_The antipodal positions of the continents and ocean basins (unlikely a matter of chance) mean that Earth passed through a molten phase. Heated spheres cool by rupture along great circles and remnants of two such great circles are active today: the Circum-Pacific and Tethys-Mediterranean fold systems.
_Flood basalt covering most of the seafloor and parts of continents originated from surge channel ruptures.
_Oceanization is the tendency of continental land to sink and become seafloor.
_Earth and planetary (particularly solar) interaction affects global tectonics
_O: Mountain ranges are formed by vertical uplift from below.
_There is Earth's core, mantle and crust interaction, in which thermal energy from the core is the fundamental energy source of global tectonic activities including earthquakes, volcanoes, rise and sink of the Earth surface, and global climate as well

F: What about ESU?
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