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[b]Comparison & Evaluation of Significant Tectonic Theories[/b]
1st. List significant tectonic theories;
2nd. Make a brief summary of the essential elements of each of these theories;
3rd. Make a table that compares and rates these elements of the theories.

[b]1. Significant tectonic theories[/b] (Name of Theory; Main Proponents; Links)
All of the following tectonic theories are based on scientific evidence. Bringing together a larger collection of facts from each theory should improve all of the theories via an interdisciplinary synthesis.

[b]ET: Expansion Tectonics[/b] __ James Maxlow __ [url=][/url]

[b]PT: Plate Tectonics __ Wikipedia __ [url=][/url][/b]

[b]ST: Surge Tectonics[/b] __ Dong Choi __ [url=][/url] __

[b]EU: Electrodynamic Universe[/b] __ (Ralph Juergens, deceased), Wal Thornhill, Don Scott __ [url=][/url] __ [url=][/url]

[b]ESU: Electrostatic Universe[/b] __ Charles Chandler __ [url=][/url]

[b]SD: Shock Dynamics[/b] __ Mike Fischer __ [url=][/url] , (LK1-4) [url=][/url]


[b]2. Preliminary summary of "claims" for each theory (in 3 stages, considering 5 different Earth features at each stage)[/b]
_Stage 1
F: (Formation) Origin & Dating of Earth & Solar System
C: Origin, Arrangement & Composition of Continental & Oceanic Crust
S: Origin & Dating of Sedimentary Rock Strata & Fossils
O: Cause of Orogenesis
GL: Cause of Glaciation

_F: PT Nebular Hypothesis. Then Earth (and other celestial bodies with magnetic fields) expanded significantly over millions of years.
_C: Earth oceans are where most expansion has occurred at Earth's surface. Earth's mass increase comes from the solar wind, which causes expansion at the core-mantle boundary inside the Earth.
_S: (See JM Manu.)
_O: Mountain ranges occur near continental edges due to reduction in the Earth's radius of curvature that occurs with expansion at the surface.
_GL: (See JM Manu.)

_F: Stars & planets form by gravitational accretion of cosmic dust as per the Nebular Hypothesis
_C: Islands formed and mantle convection caused them to slowly form a supercontinent. Mantle convection caused the supercontinent to slowly split apart into continents.
_S: Sedimentary rock strata were deposited in shallow seas on the continents over millions of years.
_O: Mountain ranges formed slowly from continental collisions and magma plumes etc.
_GL: Glaciation was caused by cooling.

_F: PT Nebular Hypothesis.
_C: Earth shrank significantly over millions of years, due to cooling.
_The lithosphere contains a worldwide network of deformable magma surge channels in which partial magma melt is in motion, due to Earth contraction and rotation.
_The Earth contains several concentric shells, which are explicable only if the Earth differentiated efficiently and at a much higher temperature than today.
_The antipodal positions of the continents and ocean basins (unlikely a matter of chance) mean that Earth passed through a molten phase. Heated spheres cool by rupture along great circles and remnants of two such great circles are active today: the Circum-Pacific and Tethys-Mediterranean fold systems.
_Flood basalt covering most of the seafloor and parts of continents originated from surge channel ruptures.
_Oceanization is the tendency of continental land to sink and become seafloor.
_Earth and planetary (particularly solar) interaction affects global tectonics
_O: Mountain ranges are formed by vertical uplift from below.
_There is Earth's core, mantle and crust interaction, in which thermal energy from the core is the fundamental energy source of global tectonic activities including earthquakes, volcanoes, rise and sink of the Earth surface, and global climate as well

_F: Stars and planets form from galactic electric currents, which continue to power stars after formation.
_O: Mountain ranges were formed from electric discharges from the Sun or a large planet that heated a large discharge channel, which expanded, uplifting mountains.

_F: Stars and planets form by implosions of galactic electrostatic filaments, which produce current-free electric double layers within the bodies, which produce radiation, earthquakes, volcanism etc.
_C: Stars decay, eventually becoming gas giant planets, which lose atmosphere and become rocky planets.
_O: Mountain ranges were formed by rapid continental drift due to a large asteroid impact.

_C: Then a giant meteorite impact north of what is now Madagascar divided the protocontinent into the continents and islands via Shock Dynamics.
_S: During this Flood orbiting asteroid-caused tsunamis deposited sediment from the continental shelf onto the protocontinent.
- As atmospheric pressure fell, much calcium carbonate precipitated from the sea water, forming thick sedimentary rock with fossils.
_O: The movement of plates raised nearly all of the mountain chains via horizontal compression, and initiated global volcanism.
_GL: Movement of continents toward the poles along with atmospheric moisture and volcanic and impact dust led to glaciation.


ET:___(For Stage 2) G: Megafauna were able to move on a smaller Earth, because it had less mass and weaker gravity.
ST:___(For Stage 2) M: The Mohorovicic discontinuity originated during the initial cooling of the Earth, which was the level of neutral buoyancy where surge channels form.
SD:___(For Stage 2) _A: A great Flood occurred about 11,500 years ago.
_G: Before the Flood there was a protocontinent and Earth's atmosphere was dense, so many creatures grew to gigantic sizes.
_G: "Cenozoic" large mammals & others were buried by flooding and were fossilized.
_I: A long swarm of meteorites of all sizes struck the Moon and the Earth, causing heavy rain and loss of much of the atmosphere.
_I: After the Flood the Chicxulub meteorite hit Mexico, spreading iridium and shocked quartz over the protocontinent.
EU:___(For Stage 2) _A: Global cataclysms occurred about 4,500 years ago as described in ancient myths.
- Eventually, due to the Sun's gravity or electrical charge effects, the three rocky planets escaped from Saturn, leading to cataclysmic near collisions.
- A great flood occurred during the cataclysms.
_I: The surface features on the rocky planets and moons were caused by electric discharges or megalightning.
ESU:___(For Stage 2) _I: The surface features on the rocky planets and moons were caused by asteroid and meteor impacts, largely via thermonuclear explosions.


[b]3. Table for Theories Comparison & Evaluation[/b]
_Stage 1
F: (Formation) Origin & Dating of Earth & Solar System
C: Origin, Arrangement & Composition of Continental & Oceanic Crust
S: Origin & Dating of Sedimentary Rock Strata & Fossils
O: Cause of Orogenesis
GL: Cause of Glaciation
_Stage 2
I: Impact Events
A: Ancient Reports of Global Catastrophe
M: Cause of Mohorovicic Discontinuity
G: Cause of Ancient Gigantism
R: Cause of Radioactivity
_Stage 3
V: Causes of Volcanism
E: Causes of Earthquakes
IM: Origin of Igneous & Metamorphic Rock
GM: Cause of Geomagnetism
OA: Origin of Oceans & Atmosphere

(Previous List)
Earth Composition, Origin, Dating, Continental Crust, Oceanic Crust, Igneous & Metamorphic Rock, Volcanism, Earthquakes, Sedimentary Rock Strata, Limestone, Fossils, Gigantism, Atmosphere, Geomagnetism, Radioactivity, Impact Features, Ancient Reports
(I'm sidelining 2 of the theories, because supporters are harder to find for them)
[b]VC: Velikovskian Catastrophism[/b] __ (Immanuel Velikovsky, deceased), John Ackerman, Gary Gilligan __ [url=][/url] , [url=][/url] , [url=][/url]
[b]CR: Creationism[/b] __ Michael Oard, John Baumgardner __ [url=][/url] , [url=][/url]
(Aside from creation, which may not be testable, some versions of creationism are predominantly scientifically well founded.)
_F: Earth was formerly a moon of Saturn, but Saturn as a small star had a flareup which led to Earth escaping from Saturn.
_F: The solar system was created.
_C: The Earth was created.
_S: Tsunamis deposited sediment from the continental shelf onto the protocontinent, forming thick sedimentary rock with fossils.
_O: Rapid continental drift due to mantle convection formed mountain ranges.
_GL: Asteroid impacts led to glaciation.
VC:___(For Stage 2) _A: Global cataclysms occurred about 3 millennia ago as described in ancient myths.
_A great flood occurred during the cataclysms.
_I: When Earth escaped from Saturn it had near collisions with Venus and Mars. The surface features on the rocky planets and moons were caused by asteroid and meteor impacts and electric discharges or megalightning.
CR:___(For Stage 2) _A: An orbiting asteroid caused megatsunamis and a great Flood about 5,000 years ago.
_I: Asteroid impacts caused the plate tectonic convection in the mantle, which caused rapid continental drift.

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